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Monday, 4 April 2011
Location: Long Layu, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Day Six in the Junge

our rubber shoes at the end of the trekking
our rubber shoes at the end of the

Today we got up very early. We were all very excited :) We continued descending from the mountain, the forest was becoming more like at home. Then it changed into thick undergrowth, then the ferns appeared, just like on the way up.

Later we arrived at a strange swampy flat forest, and at every step we expected to catch a glimpse of Shrek's house behind the shrub. As if we walked in a slipslop all the way while the undergrowth hid all this from our sight and the trees bowed above us mysteriously.

Then this part was over again and we started going uphill again. We felt quite close already because we saw many footprints and also some people. We thought we would soon see some houses, but we didn't. What's more, climbing upwards became more difficult in the mud used by many before. The path was very narrow, it was easy slipping down into the hillside. We had to stop several times for rest and the 3 pm arrival seemed hopeless. We were also hungry because we only had breakfast today. We thought we saw some orchids, however not in blossom.

Finally we reached a vast river, from where we continued in a small canoe. Now it was over... No more walking. We liked the sun above our heads because we hadn't seen it for 6 days. At the same time we were very sad that all this finished.

As we got out of the forest, it changed its face again. Watching from far away it was so beautiful again!

We'll spend our night at a family together with our guides. Tomorrow morning they'll immediately start their way back to Apau Ping, and we'll fly to Long Bawan in a small six-passenger plane. If all goes well, we'll continue right away to Tarakan.

The forest is over for us for a while :(

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  1. Dear Adrienn and Tamas
    As my friend and I are about to travel to eastern-kalimantan we noticed you´r post at and found it very interesting. We followed your post to this blog, and after reading we are very curious of how you managed to arrange your trip into Borneo (the 4 day boat +6 day trekking)? And do you speak any Bahasa?- Since we do not, and fear that planning any trips, when only speaking english, might be impossible according to what we have read about traveling at theese parts of Borneo.

    Kind Regards Jesper Alkestrup
    - You may reply to my mail (ye its cinda odd..)