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Saturday, 2 April 2011
Location: Bahau Hulu, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Day Four in the Jungle: Clothing

our small group
our small group

We thought the sun would never rise and it will never be warm again, but eventually it did :) It's terrible putting on our wet clothes again in the morning.

For the trekking we only have two sets of clothes, we left all the rest in Tanjung Selor.

1. Night clothes in a waterproof plastic container that stay dry under all circumstances. We put these on every night, in the morning they go back to the plastic container.

2. Clothes we put on by day. These are generally washed in the creek in the evening and of course they won't get dry by the morning in the permanent 100% humidity. However, they are quick-drying stuff and get dryish soon after we put them on. We wear the same ones every day.

Adri passing by a huge old growth tree
Adri passing by a huge old growth

We were still packing in the shelter when a bunch of gibbons passed above our heads. Of course we didn't see them because they were so high.

After dissembling the shelter we started climbing even higher in the mountains. The scenery changed completely into some magic forest. Everything, I mean everything, was covered in moss. But not the kind of moss we see at home, but let the pictures tell you what it's like because I can't describe it :) There were more fallen trees on our way than before. Many were so big even fallen that we had to walk for minutes just to bypass them! The guides improvised a ladder to climb one of them :) In fact the trees have become thicker here, rather than taller, than in the lowlands.

vines as thick as my waist
vines as thick as my waist

We've heard the voices and wing strokes of hornbills many times. Even the latter is amazing. We were lucky in the afternoon when many passed above us. Actually today we've seen flowers instead of animals.

The plants are amazing here, everything is thriving with life, even fallen trees have plants growing on them. It's impossible for us to decide whether the tree trunk we step on will hold our weight or it will collapse. In fact we've gotten very tired today, this has been the most difficult terrain so far. Adri felt terrible in the end because she hurt her thigh on a rock, so she could only move with pain. I got a nasty leech on my chest that's still bleeding.

Fortunately the guides thought it would rain soon so we stopped earlier than usual. There was no half-made shelter, so they had to prepare one from scratch. They did it incredibly quickly and now we are already about to have dinner. We still keep eating the wild boar. They boil the dry pieces of meat in a soup, so they get soft again.

the moss forest
the moss forest

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