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Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Location: Long Tua, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Starting our Jungle Trek

Dayak necklace from bear teeth
Dayak necklace from
bear teeth

Today was the first day we didn't have to wake up early, so we stayed in bed until 9. We had breakfast and lunch together with our hosts and kept communicating word by word with the help of our phrasebook. They showed us their well preserved old tribal pieces: headdresses, shields, necklaces and even a pectoral decorated with 30 leopard teeth. This one well outshone the necklace with the two bear teeth.

After lunch our guides arrived and we began our journey which we came here for. Our first stop was only about 1 hour away in a small canoe. On this short section we had to get out of the boat many times and carry our bags hopping on the rocks on the riverbank and pull the canoe through the rapids. One of the guides caught two fish with a net, which became our dinner :)

catching fish
catching fish

Our night shelter stands on the riverbank, it's simply fantastic. I didn't imagine it like this, but I actually hope the others will be similar. This is a nice wooden WWF house with two rooms, a porch, an open kitchen, and a mandi on the bank of the nearby creek. We arrived just in time, as it started heavily raining. Our guides prepared dinner and later they took us to the nearby hilly grasslands. Oh that was amazing! On our way it started raining twice, and when it finally ended rising mist was everywhere in the form of little clouds. There we felt again that that was why we'd come. On the way we saw a deer, a wild boar and bats the size of cats.

after the rain
after the rain

After dinner we asked each other about what kind of animals live in our countries. They asked if we had orangutans. We were shocked. They live nowhere in the whole world but in Borneo and Sumatra and the people here don't realize how rare treasures they have. I remembered our conversation a few days earlier when we wondered if these people only see this huge beautiful forest as an obstacle against transport and development :(


  1. Your blog is great! We are travelling to Indonesia and are planning a diving trip to Derawan. In addition we have 5-6 days when we hope to experience some jungle... Your trip sounds very exciting! Do you have the contact information of your guides? Thank you! Eline :)

    1. Hello Eline,
      Unfortunately I don't have their contact info as they live in the forest where there's no internet or mobile network. However, you can try the website supported by WWF for trekking options in the area.